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Toon Boom Demonstrates “Doodle” at CES

January 13, 2012

Toon Boom is promoting “Doodle.” “Doodle” is a cool animation program for kids and will allow anyone to make sophisticated animations that can be shared on YouTube, Facebook and others. The folks at Toon Boom were at CES this week and gave us a demo of their product.

CES 2012: Improving Life For Those with Dementia

January 12, 2012

CES is not all about cool new televisions, laptops, and smart phones. One of the more fascinating sections of CES deals with Robotics. Last year, I discovered a company which is using robotics to address a serious healthcare problem: Agitation and anxiety in the elderly who suffer from dementia. When faced with an agitated patient […]


What is CES?

January 8, 2012

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. It is the place where innovations from all over the world in the field of consumer electronics are gathered and promoted. It is not a gigantic version of BestBuy. It is a place where companies like BestBuy come to see what is new. Nothing, theoretically, is for sale here. […]

More CES Animations!

January 1, 2012

Our animated team is covering CES 2012! Ultrabooks are here and they are getting dangerous! Check out this CES animated coverage: The newest tablet! It’s called “The Tablee!” See it in this short comical clean animation making fun of the tablet competition.