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An animation tool leaves the market….

By Andrew Mussey
One of our favorite Convertible Tablet PC’s was pulled from the market this past summer: The HP tm2. For a Tablet PC running Windows 7, it was relatively inexpensive (under $1000) and unique, featuring an ATI graphics processor in select configurations. The digitizer was quality Wacom with excellent pressure sensitivity.

The tablet was an excellent animation tool and handled even complex Animate Pro scenes. It was relatively compact and had great battery life.

On the negative side, screen brightness and viewing angles were less than other tablets. Its mouse pad was an acquired taste. The HP repair experience could be generally frustrating for its consumer product line.

Overall, though, we loved this machine for its audacity at packing so much power into so small a tablet convertible PC at a price point far below the competition.

This is still a great machine to use with Toon Boom products.

You can probably find them on Amazon and eBay, but make sure you get the ATI graphics option. It is telling that prices for this discontinued machine are actually higher than when you could buy it direct from HP.

Even for a company with so many faults, HP could still create winners. We will miss this one!

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