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Newspaper Comics: Transitioning from stills to animation

The newspaper industry is in trouble. Unfortunately, newspapers are simply just plastering the same stuff online that would be in print. The online experience allows full motion video. What about the comic pages? How realistic is it for one artist to create a weekly short animated comic. By short, I mean about 15 seconds: Just enough to deliver a punch-line.

This month, I am trying just that: Create my weekly newspaper comic….

…and also create an animated version for online.

Can it be done?

Yes, but there are some requirements:

1. Any of the Toon Boom products will work: Studio, Animate, or Animate Pro.

2. Set templates must be made in advance. For cartoons, you usually tend to use the same five or six locations. Create them now.

3. Character templates with movable parts, changeable facial expressions, and mouth positions must be set in advance.

4. Standardize your character sizes and structure so you can quickly create new characters with old parts and maybe just utilize a new head or hairstyle.

5. Keep your templates organized. This is really important.

This initial setup is time consuming. Once you have the pieces, however, one artist can create a new animation in just a matter of hours.

Wouldn’t it be great to see more animated comics on the iPad version of a newspaper?

One Response to “Newspaper Comics: Transitioning from stills to animation”

  1. Hi,

    I think it’s a great idea, but is it financially workable?

    Good luck,

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