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The Screen Size Void is now filled

At prior CES shows, there was something called “the screen size void.”

This means, there were two classes of devices: Small screen devices under five inches and large screens. There was very little in the 7 to 15 range screen size. Netbooks were the exception, though these were initially very limited in capability.

This is now getting filled with products in the 7 to 15 inch range. These devices consist of more eReaders, better netbooks, and tablets (specifically the 10inch screen with the iPad).

100+ tablets are expected to appear at CES this year. Most of these are prototypes that will be dead before they ever come to market.

Early adopters are mainly using these for browsing and email. Tablet use is expected to double in 2011.

Tablet manufacturers must differentiate: Price, form factor, operating system, apps, price. Many consumers are still not sure want they want in a tablet.

Look for more cameras, accelerometers, and other sensing technology.

Interestingly, when the iPad appeared, many predicted the death of eReaders. Yet, eReader purchases continue to climb. This should be no surprise because eReaders are now amazingly cheap, while tablets are still substantially more expensive.

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