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Internet connected television is here. Do you care?

Last year, 3D television was the rage at CES. It was going to dominate everything. You would be soon disposing of your new HDTV and buying a new 3D television and 3D glasses.

Interestingly, not many of us actually followed this advice. 3D televisions are still outrageously priced. Further, most of us are not thrilled with spending our evenings wearing 3D sunglasses to simply watch TV.

Many of us wage a daily battle trying to not lose the remote control. Imagine trying to track down several pairs of 3D glasses at $150 each. Plus, there is little content worth watching (see my video making fun of this).

What all of the gadget geeks missed was the quiet revolution of internet connected television. In fact, I had not even heard much about this until we got our own Blue Ray Player for Christmas. In addition to playing Blue Ray discs, it allows direct streaming from Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and others.

When the heck did that become the norm?

The leaders of CES basically said today: “We kind of under-estimated the impact of internet connected television and really over-estimated 3D.”

So, your next TV or Blue Ray player will likely have internet connectivity as an option.

Okay, let us pause for a minute and rethink this.

Like most Americans, my VCR used to sit flashing 12:00 non-stop because we were either too lazy or too stupid to set the device.

…And like most Americans, my TV may never stream a single internet movie because those of us who have lives are simply too tired in the evening to hook up the new-fangled TV to see if it can stream movies.

Yes, internet connected television is now big. How many of us will ever use it?

One Response to “Internet connected television is here. Do you care?”

  1. Yes, I care. But who knows the future…

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