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Holiday Shopping: Tablets and Toon Boom

As the Holiday season approaches, here is some buying advice about using Tablets and Toon Boom:

1. The best tablet for Toon Boom is a Wacom Pad. The interaction with Toon Boom is super-smooth! Get a machine with a decent graphics card and you are ready for action.

2. The Wacom Cintiq is top of the line. If you can handle the price, go for the bigger model.

3. For the record: The iPad is not a realistic animation tool.

Animating with your finger will not win quality awards. The iPad Toon Boom app is fun and Apple’s quality is amazing. Enjoy… But look elsewhere for a good animating tool.

4. If you want to use a Tablet PC, only one option seems to be useful: The HP tm2 Core i5 ULV, 512MB Radeon HD 5450. You want to make sure you get the highest processor and graphics card for this machine. Fortunately, this is also the cheapest Tablet PC on the market. Today, I’m seeing legitimate coupon offers of $799 on dealzon.com.

5. If you stray and look at more expensive Tablet PC’s, you may be disappointed: Why?

The graphics cards in these higher priced Tablets are limited to Intel integrated graphics. Toon Boom Animate and Studio will cause trouble if you add too much detail.
Also, strange glitches in the Wacom tablet screen drivers do not mix well with Toon Boom. I spent the better part of three days trying to make a new Lenovo X201 Tablet (that we bought for our medical practice) play well with Animate. No such luck. Guess I can only use this machine for work and not play…. Bummer.

6. It goes without saying, but let’s be clear:

There are a bazillion Android Tablets appearing on the market. These are not fit to run Toon Boom in any shape or form. Don’t try it.

So, let’s summarize:

Choice number ONE for Toon Boom is a Wacom Tablet and a good PC or Mac.
Choice number TWO, for those who want portability, appears to be the HP tm2 Tablet with the extra graphics option.

As always, your individual mileage may vary.

Good luck out there!

Steven Mussey

4 Responses to “Holiday Shopping: Tablets and Toon Boom”

  1. I think, that tablet PC is a very very actual thing. It is a new word in portative technics, and the time when tablets will conquer the world is very soon.

  2. I just bought an inuos 4 wacom tablet but can’t get it to map to animate 2. Where Can I get info or help?
    Thank you,

    • Fortunately, getting help with your product is far easier than dealing with other tablet issues (such as a tablet PC screen glitch). Both the Wacom people and Toon Boom people will do their best with such a glitch if you email them or call. The prognosis for such a glitch is good.

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