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Holiday Shopping: Tablets and Toon Boom

November 26, 2010

As the Holiday season approaches, here is some buying advice about using Tablets and Toon Boom: 1. The best tablet for Toon Boom is a Wacom Pad. The interaction with Toon Boom is super-smooth! Get a machine with a decent graphics card and you are ready for action. 2. The Wacom Cintiq is top of […]


The First Pioneer in PC Animation: Autodesk Animator

November 8, 2010

October – November, marks an interesting anniversary for animation: 21 years ago, animation became available for the PC platform. Around October 1989, Autodesk released an extremely well written and revolutionary MS-DOS art program that worked on even an Intel 286 chip: Autodesk Animator. Everybody hates it when old people start saying “I remember when,” but […]