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CES 2010 Report #2 – Gaga over Innovation!

This week, we went to C.E.S. in Las Vegas. I always have an eye out for tablets and tablet PC’s that might serve as a platform for my job as a Physician and in my hobby as an Animator. 

Notes that are of relevance to Toon Boom:

Adesso was pushing their “Wacom-like” tablets, but they did not have their “Cintiq-like” product on display. The advantage of Adesso is usually their price-point.

Many companies are coming out with tablet pc type devices. They have very limited utility, but I always wonder how Toon Boom would work with these non-standard touch screens. We were very surprised at the number of highly affordable tablet laptops that are all running Android. In fact, Android seems like it is EVERYWHERE! It is not just a smartphone operating system.

We have to press the representatives about what is a “concept machine” versus an available device they are pushing.

A company called ACTIVE at http://www.p-active.com.tw has a Cintiq like device that was very impressive. It runs at a $1000 price point. It was running Corel Painter and had a very good feel. The company is based in Taiwan and they were very anxious to hear me compare their device to a Cintiq. I liked the feel. If it worked in Painter, it probably works in Toon Boom.

I am attempting to post every other day animated posts about the event. It’s sort of an animated reporter at the scene. I created my character and sets in advance. Unfortunately, my set, with its textures and 3D, was created on a high-powered machine, but I’m here in Las Vegas with my underpowered Tablet PC.

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