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Cintiq + New Desktop PC + Toon Boom = WOW!

Santa brought a Cintiq 21UX this Christmas and it is an absolutely amazing experience.

For years… actually…decades, I have drawn using a Wacom Tablet looking at the screen rather than my hand. The experience has been pretty good.

For the past seven years, I switched, part of the time, to Tablet PC’s and enjoyed actually looking at my pen and hand as I draw, which is more natural. The feel on a Tablet PC has some limitations, though. It is pretty good, but may not be for everyone.

For years, I have heard Toon Boom promote the “paperless studio” and doubted they could sell the hardcore artists who cartoon on paper. I include the cartoonist at our City’s Newspaper, Clay Jones who uses only traditional tools.

The Wacom Cintiq is amazing, though. It finally dropped enough in price for me to get it.


The pen on pad experience is incredible. I will never go back to paper. When you draw on this using Toon Boom Animate or Storyboard, you will be hooked.

The combination is amazing.

People who love fountain pens often talk about the sensual experience of using a good fountain pen on quality paper as if… well… as if they were describing something else… uh…  less suitable to a family blog.

Yes, the experience on the Wacom Cintiq when using Toon Boom software is one of those superlative events.

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